The Art of Gift Giving

Buying the perfect gift should be fun!  However, sometimes it is tough to find the perfect thing for each person. I have discovered that a personalized gift is always a hit in my many years of gift-giving. And nowadays, you can personalize almost anything. A quick visit to our website gives you all kinds of options from BenShot Bulletproof Glasses (so cute!) to an engraved wedding certificate, to a leather phone wallet. And, of course, there’s always the traditional beer mugs and money clips – we have those too! Here are some tips to help you select and personalize just the right gift every time and some reasons to do so.

Why an engraved gift?

An engraved gift means you care

Personalization shows that you put thought into your gift.  You can’t just go out and buy a personalized memory at the last minute. Having something engraved lets your recipient know that you planned and thought of them, and they are important to you. Everyone wants to be appreciated, and your appreciation shows when you give a personalized gift.

An engraved gift has meaning

When we receive a gift with our name or other personal details, it becomes more than just a generic gift. It is unique and something to be cherished. Engravings can memorialize special dates, personal qualities, and other things that make our lives meaningful. Gifts like these are a kind of tribute to a life well-lived.

Personalization makes gift-giving easier

It seems that some people already have everything they could possibly want.  They are some of the most challenging people when it comes to gifts. But a personalized gift is something they don’t already have – because you have given them a newly crafted item!  I have found this especially useful when needing a hostess gift. In my experience, instead of the usual bottle of wine or bouquet, an engraved cutting board, wine stopper, or decanter is both memorable and genuinely appreciated.

How to choose the best gift

You’ve already decided to personalize, so you are on your way to discovering the perfect gift. Here are some things to consider as you go about your shopping:

Consider your relationship with the recipient

Have you experienced something together that you can commemorate? Perhaps you have photos together to put into an engraved photo frame. If you have coffee or drinks together, you’ll know what type of mug or glass or pitcher they would use. Have one engraved! You can even find travel mugs to engrave for your travel companion. For your college friends, have some barware engraved with a map of your college town!

Observe the little things

Paying attention to others’ interests and personality is a definite must in the art of gift-giving. Whether it is a coworker or family member, be sure to note their favorite colors, foods, and activities. Become familiar with some of their hobbies and other things they enjoy. A new graduate will appreciate an engraved pen or cardholder. Your friend, who walks a lot, would enjoy a personalized water bottle.

Don’t limit yourself to monograms

The options are almost unlimited. A latte mug can be engraved with a motivational quote, a sports team logo, or even the recipient’s own words. Anything that the recipient would enjoy looking at or reading will work – be creative!  From company logos to custom designs, the sky's the limit. They can be clever, unexpected, and thoughtful; the sky’s the limit!

Make your own meaning

If someone gives you a gift, it is not necessary to reciprocate with an equally expensive gift. Consider what the person actually would use or need. A thoughtful, personal gift is always appropriate, regardless of monetary value.

Lastly, I often imagine how I feel when receiving a gift. Is it something I would like to get? If so, then I have probably chosen well. And I cherish beauty, especially useful things engraved with my name or that of someone or something I love!

Gift-giving should be fun and should come from the heart. Seeing the smile on your friend or loved one’s face will be worth your efforts. The personal touch of an engraved gift will guarantee that smile.